neil gardner automotive art

official artist of Supercar Driver - The Supercar Owners Club

About me.

I have been drawing seriously since 2010, when my passion for art was reignited following my time on a drawing and sketching class, run by a local artist. Soon after, I was being asked to draw other people's cars ( and anything else they requested! ), and some of my work was being exhibited in Paris.


Attention to detail is paramount in my work - to the extent that a gentleman who'd built his own kit car commented that he didn't realise certain parts of his car existed! After checking his car, he confirmed the drawing was indeed teaching him things about a car he'd built!


Recently, I have engaged in portraiture, humans and animals, and hugely enjoy the variety of subjects i'm tasked with portraying.

Supercar Driver

I am an official artist for Supercar Driver, the supercar drivers club and have

been sketching members cars for a number of years. It's an association I am

incredibly proud of.


Please click the button below to visit the SCD website.

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